How to Tell Whether Your Roof is Leaking

The roof is essential for every building. People in the building are protected from weather elements by the roof. The roof also provides safety and security to the building occupants. Much like other parts of the building, the roof is susceptible to wear and tear. Major problems on your roof are avoided by attending to your roof. The durability of your roof is ensured through repair and maintenance. Compared to roof replacement, repair and maintenance is much cheaper. Leaking of the roof is the most common problem in most roofs. Thankfully, a leaking roof can be detected before roof replacement becomes the only option. This article here will help you learn the signs of a leaking roof.

Water stains can help you learn about a leaking roof. When the roof is leaking, it is unable to perform the function it was intended for. Therefore, rainwater will find its way to your home, even if in small amounts. Water stains show that your roof leaks. The stains will be located on the ceiling and the wall. Before the damage intensifies, you should have a roofing contractor repair your roof. The growth of algae is another sign of a leaking roof. Algae growth is promoted by certain conditions. Sunlight and moisture are conditions that promote algae growth. A leak on your roof will result in the growth of algae. Rainwater is drained by the roof. When there is a leak on the roof, these function is impaired. The moisture is, therefore, retained resulting in algae growth. Further damage can be prevented by fixing the roof immediately.

Damages shingles should also be looked into. Shingles are supposed to protect your home. When shingles are not in good condition, there are unable to perform their function. It is important to continue monitoring your shingles to make sure that they remain in perfect condition. If you notice damage in more than one shingle, you should have them replaced. A leaking roof is also pointed to by sagging of the roof. When a roof is leaking, water is retained on the roof rather than being drained. The weight of your roof is increased by the retained water. A sagging roof can cause extensive damage to your property. You should ensure that necessary repairs are done when this is noticed.

If your energy bills have been increasing, this could be a sign of a leaking roof. A roof plays an important role when it comes to the insulation of your property. A leak in the roof results in improper ventilation in your home. Your energy bills could have increased as a result of a leaking roof. You can view here now to learn more about roof leaks.

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